What does your feedback concern?

Please contact FINENTRY support services through the feedback form. Support services are available in Finnish and English.

FINENTRY service will be updated based on the instructions by Finnish health authorities. Note that notifications related to any changes in the instructions on FINENTRY service may be updated later. You can find the up-to-date instructions on THL’s website.

Note that FINENTRY service does not take into account the instructions and restrictions by the border authorities regarding entry. You can check the instructions by the border authorities on the Finnish Border Guard’s website.

If you test result has not arrived within 48 hours from testing, you can ask about your test result by contacting the phone number in the patient instructions that was handed out at the sampling point. The phone number is intended only for test results booked through FINENTRY service.

If you have any other questions and feedback related to FINENTRY service, please contact the FINENTRY team via email: We will reply to your feedback within 1–3 business days, so in case of more urgent matters, please contact FINENTRY support services through the feedback form. You can send feedback to the FINENTRY team in Finnish, Swedish and English.