Processing personal data

Processing personal data

FINENTRY is a digital service used on a web browser, intended to make it easier to travel to Finland and manage the coronavirus testing that may be required for entry during the coronavirus pandemic.

A FINENTRY survey on the Service can be used to provide an entrant with a personalized recommendation regarding whether coronavirus testing is needed based on the entrant’s circumstances and valid authorised instructions, and if testing is needed, how many times and when does the entrant need to present to them.

If necessary, the entrant may book a self-service appointment within the hospital districts that have implemented FINENTRY service – or create a sample request beforehand that will be performed at a border crossing point, in which case there will be no need to queue at the health information point of the border crossing point.

FINENTRY service processes user information with two different purposes:

  1. Patient care (patient register)

    Testing is mainly for the purpose of patient care, and the information required for testing (including appointment information) is patient information. The information is part of the patient register controlled by the health care unit taking care of the patient.

    The patient register is controlled by the healthcare unit that carries out the testing. The controller is not necessarily the same between tests carried out in the municipality of arrival and municipality of stay.

  2. Infection tracking (case-by-case register)

    Infection tracking is based on the Communicable Diseases Act, in which Section 39 allows collecting and processing the information of people who have been infected or are suspected of an infection. The information is part of the case-by-case register of the hospital district responsible for infection tracking.

    The case-by-case register is controlled by the hospital district where the entrant’s municipality of arrival is located or where the entrant stays at some point.

    The information in the case-by-case register is transferred from one hospital district to another automatically based on the entrant’s movement between municipalities.

    The hospital district ensures that the information within its region is transferred sufficiently to municipalities in case they are performing independent infection tracking.

HUS is the processor of user information on the FINENTRY service, other than the information in its registers.

Information regarding patient registers is available on each data controller’s website in accordance with the data protection legislation. In order to review your information, please contact the hospital district that arranged your coronavirus test.