FINENTRY is a service that aims to make it easier to travel to Finland during the coronavirus pandemic.

We recommend using the service, as it can speed up the arrival process and help you get coronavirus testing in Finland free of charge.

FINENTRY enables you to do the following:

  • make an appointment for a coronavirus test in Finland
  • get instructions for arriving at your test via SMS
  • get your coronavirus test result via SMS.

Please note that a coronavirus test booked through FINENTRY service does not provide you with a separate coronavirus test certificate.

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FINENTRY is designed with different types of travellers in mind, including:

  • Finnish citizens and residents returning to Finland from abroad
  • people travelling to Finland for work or study
  • people travelling to Finland for leisure.

It also considers the coronavirus situation in the traveller’s country of origin and the length of their stay when making its recommendations.

The service is not intended to be used by layover passengers who are continuing directly onto a third country without leaving Helsinki Airport.

The first version of FINENTRY will be published in Finnish, Swedish and English. Additional languages will be added in later.

FINENTRY asks travellers about potential symptoms of a coronavirus infection and some basic information about their stay, including:

  • their country of origin
  • the length of their stay
  • the purpose of their stay.

This information is used to assess the traveller’s risk of spreading the coronavirus.

The service gives travellers instructions to follow after they arrive in Finland. These instructions are based on a three-level risk assessment. If the risk is low, coronavirus testing and self-quarantine are not necessary.

The service also asks for the traveller’s phone number, the city they will be staying in, and the type of accommodation they will be using. This information is used to notify the traveller of their coronavirus test result (via SMS) and to give them quarantine instructions if the result is positive.

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You can access FINENTRY here.