Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

FINENTRY is a digital service that makes it easier to travel to Finland and manage coronavirus testing that may be required for entry.

FINENTRY service lets entrants

  • review travelling instructions before or during travelling to Finland
  • receive personalized instructions for procedures and, if needed, the coronavirus test
  • make an appointment for a coronavirus test in Finland free of charge
  • receive instructions for arriving at the test
  • receive the coronavirus test result.

The entrant can speed up the process at the border by showing the summary of their FINENTRY user account on their phone when arriving in Finland.

The service is updated based on instructions by the Finnish authorities, which makes it easier to receive up-to-date instructions. The service works on browsers, and using it is voluntary and free of charge.

You can access FINENTRY here.

Travel instructions for each country are updated regularly based on the country’s incidence of coronavirus. You can check them here.

Traveling from EU and Schengen countries to Finland is permitted. As for several other countries, travel restrictions are still in place.

Each person arriving in Finland is still subject to the obligations of the Communicable Diseases Act and instructions by health authorities.

FINENTRY service gives you personalised instructions on what actions you need to take.
If your arrival requires you to take a coronavirus test, you will be given instructions to book a test appointment free of charge.

Login to FINENTRY service and fill your information before you arrive in Finland. Showing your FINENTRY summary on your phone makes your entry to Finland easier.

The result of the coronavirus test in your country of origin must be negative and no more than 72 hours old. The certificate should show your name and date of birth, the diagnostic method used in the test, the date and time of the test, and the laboratory, health authority or national authority that issued the certificate.

The time period is calculated starting from entry.

The negative coronavirus test for the certificate required by the transport company needs to be taken no more than 72 hours before boarding the plane or ship.

You don’t have to go a coronavirus test when entering Finland if you have a certificate for the completed coronavirus vaccination series and it has been at least two weeks since the last vaccination. FINENTRY service provides you with personalized instructions on how to act. More detailed instructions: Travelling and coronavirus pandemic (THL). 

If you have a certificate that shows you have previously been diagnosed with COVID-19, you do not need to get a coronavirus test or self-quarantine after you arrive in Finland. The certificate should show your name and date of birth, the place and date of issue, and the signature and stamp (or similar verification) of the issuing doctor. In this case, recovery from the COVID-19 disease must have taken place less than 6 months ago.

If the result of your coronavirus test in Finland is positive, a person from the infectious diseases unit of the city you are staying in will call you and give you instructions.

FINENTRY service is intended for travellers entering Finland, and you cannot get a separate coronavirus test certificate through a test that was booked using the service. Before travelling abroad, you can book an appointment at a private healthcare provider and ask for a coronavirus test certificate required for travelling.

You can download a negative test result certificate for a coronavirus test that was carried out by HUS, Kymsote, Eksote or the Hospital District of Northern Ostrobothnia free of charge in English on the MyCovidData service. The service is intended for Finnish citizens and using it requires strong authentication with electronic banking credentials or mobile ID.

Available times for FINENTRY testing are updated in the service approx. 7 days beforehand, which means that you can book an appointment a maximum of one week beforehand.

Yes, a coronavirus test that was booked through FINENTRY service and carried out in Finland is free of charge.

There are FINENTRY coronavirus testing points in various parts of Finland. However, please note that not every municipality has a FINENTRY coronavirus testing point. FINENTRY service will provide you with personalised instructions on how to act.