Coronavirus testing

Coronavirus testing in Finland

The aim of testing travellers for the coronavirus is to prevent the spread of the virus and to direct patients to treatment.

You can make an appointment for a coronavirus test in Finland through the FINENTRY service. Travellers entering the country can get a coronavirus test in Finland free of charge. You can book an appointment for testing a maximum of 7 days beforehand.

The Helsinki area has about 50 coronavirus testing locations. Helsinki Airport also has a testing site for air passengers who need to get a coronavirus test immediately after they arrive.

The sample for the coronavirus test is taken from the nasopharynx or pharynx with a swab.

You will be notified of your test result via SMS within about 24 hours.

  • If the result of your coronavirus test in Finland is positive, a person from the infectious diseases unit of the city you are staying in will call you and give you instructions.

Official quarantine

Official quarantine is an authoritative decision made by an infectious disease specialist. The infectious disease specialist may order an asymptomatic person to quarantine if the person has been exposed to the coronavirus. The quarantine usually lasts for 14 days. An official quarantine cannot be shortened with coronavirus tests. You can learn more about quarantine here.


Isolation means that a person with an infectious disease is isolated from those who are healthy. The purpose is to avoid possible further transmissions. The person may be isolated in a hospital or at home.